The Half Truth of Christmas

When I was a young boy I heard a lot of things and I remember them from time to time. One of the statements that I remember hearing is:

Jesus is the Reason for the Season.

I remember hearing this and not really thinking anything of it other than what it clearly implied. That the reason we celebrate Christmas is because Jesus, the Christ child was born. As I have grown in my faith and walk with Christ I have begun to question things that I heard when I was a young boy, as we all should.

As believers in Jesus we tend to sometimes say things and believe things that we “think” are biblical, but they aren’t. Even if they aren’t biblical, they sound like something that would be in the Bible and a part of them are true, and yet another part of them are not. The parts that aren’t true are dangerous to our witness and this is one of those half-truths.

No, Jesus is not the reason for the season.

In fact I am more than confident that Jesus would agree with me on this, because Jesus knows that the reason he came was not for himself and that is what that statement implies. That Jesus only came for His benefit, which of course we all know is just not true.

Jesus would say and I believe is clearly saying through me in this blog post that You and I are the reason for the season. Jesus didn’t come for himself or to gain anything, but solely came for your gain and my gain.

He came so that we would recognize a far better way to live.

This Advent season I hope you know in the depths of your heart that you are that important to Him. He loves you and I like there is only one of us to love.

And that is the reason we celebrate Christmas.

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