Be Excellent to One Another


It wouldn’t take you long to experience a very bitter truth about his world. It probably happened this morning already, and it is everywhere, spreading like cancer.

The truth is we treat each other like trash.

From politics to school, to work, and yes even at church (no matter what denomination you claim), it is everywhere.

A good majority of Jesus’ ministry can be organized categorically as the behavior of citizens of God’s kingdom. i.e. Jesus talked FREQUENTLY about how we treat each other. By “frequently” I mean, he talked about our treatment of others all the time. Additionally, when he wasn’t talking about how we should treat one another, he was actively doing it.

He regularly fellowshipped with the sinners. Tax Collectors, Prostitutes, Thieves, Lepers, he didn’t choose who to love. He fellowshipped with everyone. Additionally, probably the crowd that he was hardest on was the leadership of the church, the Pharisees, and the Sadducees.

He expected more from the church. His expectations for how the church treats the world were exceedingly high. The church according to our Savior not should lead the way, but must lead the way.

Maybe that’s why 1st Century Followers of Jesus were often called Followers of THE WAY.

I think Ted “Theodore” Logan said it best: “Be excellent to one another, and party on dudes!”


Let’s celebrate life together! This community, the community of Christ, the body of Christ must be known as people that are excellent to one another. Don’t attack one another, but in all things show excellent love and grace to another as Christ has shown you.

Our identity as the Body of Christ is how excellent we are to another, those in all parts of the world.


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